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High standard bodywork restoring. Coachbuilding in steel or aluminum. Our bodywork restoration service extends from minor panel repairs to complete bodyshell renewals. Here, under one roof, you’ll find irreplaceable skills such as lead-loading and panel-forming alongside a superbly equiped body shop.

Any defective parts are cut out and replaced by new panel sections with perfectly matched welding joints. We can faithfully reproduce panelwork in aluminum or steel with our traditional sheet metal working equipment.


Regular maintenance and servicing is as important for your vintage and classic car as it is for your every day car. We have a fully equiped workshop to carry out all required maintenance tasks and if necessary to prepare cars for rallies, racing or merely the annual M.O.T. 


The finished paintwork on any car is one of the most visible parts of a restoration. We take pride in the excellent finish of our work which we achieve through paintstaking preparation and dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

Our superb facilities provide us with the ability to produce high quality paintwork, either in perfectly reproduced original colours using correct cellulose paints by traditional processes, or in our modern spray bake booth using the current two-pack paint technology of modern vehicles. This two-pack paint technology provides a better corrosion protection.

Our deep lustrous finish will continue to enhance to the appearance of your classic car for years to come.


We retrim in your classic car with the best quality Connolly leather and new Wilton carpets to generate that special ambience only experienced in a hand crafted interior. If you require an interior restoration involving all original materials, your commission will benefit from whatever painstaking research is necessary for us to ensure that you obtain an interior of absolute authenticity.

Should you wish to apply something of your own sense of style in creating a stunning and unique interior for your classic car, we can produce to your requirements an interior of a quality beyond your dreams. We combine the finest materials available with the finest workmanship, to produce an interior of unrivalled excellence and with precise attention to detail.

A beautifully refurbished interior by Classic Car Service will add immeasurably to the pleasure of owning and driving any fine classic car.


We undertake all mechanical and gearbox repairs from lead-free and modified cylinder heads to rebuild engines, differentials and gearboxes. Any work undertaken on the engine of your classic car will benefit from our many years of experience in the preparation of road-going and racing vehicles. We have undertaken engine development programmes for an enormous range of clients using state of the art technologies and techniques.

Our experienced technicians are available to our clients for any requirements, from a completely standard engine rebuild to a full racing engine development project.

We take care of chassis restoratoins, re-engineering, the remanufacturing of obsolute components and can completely redesign a chassis to incorporate new engeneering developments and technology. We carry out the work required to enhance the ride quality and handling of your classic car, even beyond its original capabilities and specifications.


Classic Car Service offers restoration of woodwork on a concours level, using veneer and polish. Wooden interiors have often deteriorated which causes the veneer to be damaged or completely perished. At Classic Car Service many dashboards have either been repaired by saving the original veneer and keeping its original authenticity or have been entirely replaced, matching the grain of the original veneer as best as possible. To obtain the warm colour and shine of the dashboard we finish of with polishing.

We can offer a complete woodwork repair service, from wood trim restoration, re-lacquering, re-veneering and repair work, to re-manufacturing and ash framing. We replace damaged or rotten ash frames where required, or rebuild the complete frame of the car back to its original specifications.